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Award-winning artist and author Vivian Sathre began studying art in 2003 when her husband's job moved them downstate from Seattle to Vancouver, Washington.   "I felt lost.  Not only had I left behind my good friends of many years, but also my writing group.   A kind, new neighbor suggested I sign up for a watercolor class with her as a way to make new friends.   Right away I was hooked on painting.   After a couple trips to the art supply store I realized I could have bought  friends for a lot less money.   But then, that wouldn't have been nearly so much fun."

In 2009 Vivian Sathre moved even farther south to Tucson, Arizona where she, her husband and their two cats are enjoying the change in climate.

Vivian's art can be seen in public buildings and private homes across the United States.   For further information on Vivian's art contact her at




Vivian Sathre





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Oil Oil by Vivian Sathre

Acrylic Acrylic by Vivian Sathre

Watercolor Watercolor by Vivian Sathre



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