WISHBONE® books I have authored

Wishbone books can no longer be ordered from the publisher or from bookstores.

DIGGING UP THE PAST--The Adventures of WISHBONE® is Sathre's first WISHBONE® book. (Big Red Chair Books, 1997, ages 8-12) It was inspired by Washington Irving's RIP VAN WINKLE, a favorite story from Ms. Sathre's childhood. 
DOG OVERBOARD!--The Adventures of WISHBONE® was inspired by KIDNAPPED, Robert Louis Stevenson's great adventure story. (Big Red Chair Books, 1998, ages 8-12) 
DOG DAYS OF THE WEST--The SUPER Adventures of WISHBONE® is the first of the SUPER Adventures. It was inspired by HEART OF THE WEST, short stories by O. Henry. (Big Red Chair Books, 1998, ages 8-12) 
1999: STAGE INVADER--A WISHBONE® Mystery (Big Red Chair Books, January 1999)  The kids at Sequoyah Middle School are putting on the play Grease and someone's trying to sabotage the production.  But who?  Will Sam be able to figure that out with the help of the Agatha Christie book she's reading?
WISHBONE® The Early Years: HANSEL AND GRETEL (Little Red Chair Books, 1999)  This is book #3 in The Early Years series, the series in which Joe and his friends are in third grade and Wishbone is a pup!  Adventures for readers aged 7 - 10.
WISHBONE® The Early Years: THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR (Lyrick/Scholastic 2000)  In book #4 Wishbone-the-puppy imagines himself as a clever young tailor who must defeat two big giants running through the kingdom where he lives.  An adventure story for readers aged 7 - 10.

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